Reclaimed Mid-Century Modern OAK Dining TABLE

I LOVE being able to repurpose old wood into beautiful pieces of furniture - and this is no different. Taking oak boards cut from an older, larger dining table, this one has been repurposed into a slightly smaller, and completely refinished dining table.

We went a little mid-century modern, but a little heavy on the modern when designing this table. With the solid oak table top, this puppy is STURDY. These legs are custom designed and compliment the honey stain so well! The table itself is 72" long x 40" wide and sits at a slightly elevated 31" tall - this is perfect for a smaller dining area or even an office desk!

I've been fostering this table at home, but it is time to finally let her go. This beauty is currently available for only $700! - if you are interested, send me a note!